Candida Cleanse: Week One

I have survived the first 7 days of this cleanse and I already have a lot of stuff to think about and comment on.

Have I been duped?!

I honestly had no idea that getting a live cell analysis was quite unconventional. I thought that it was so science-y (yes that’s a word). And it’s so real seeing your blood cells on screen.  I was chatting with a friend who is a lab technician who looks at blood for a living. She informed me that if you actually had yeast in your blood you would be in seriously critical condition. Then, two other alternative practitioners I see (my awesome chiropractor and my naturopath) both said that anytime they’ve heard of someone going to get a live cell analysis done, the results are generally the same: yeast and rouleaux. One opinion is that rouleaux is a normal thing that happens when your blood is drawn. Like a clotting thing I guess.

So I spent some time being quite frustrated. Who do I believe? What do I do? Is this just a total waste of my time? I reminded myself that it was recommended to me by two different people to do the Candida cleanse and take these certain pills (New Roots Candida Stop). Plus the fact that making a commitment to eat healthy for a month won’t kill me. It’s my body.

I will go back for my follow up visit and second live cell analysis to see the results and what difference a month has made. And, I’m going to ask him about the whole ‘yeast showing up in your blood is bad news’ deal. I imagine that the live cell analysis is just another alternative way of people seeing what imbalance you have going on. Just like energy work such as reiki.

My friend commented that I’m doing too much. Meaning I’ve been going with my foot hard on the gas and then hard on the brakes with cleanse and then no cleanse and my body probably isn’t too happy. I could gradually be going at a steady pace in one direction, adjusting one thing at a time. I honestly have no patience for that, but appreciate the insight and keep it in the front of my mind.
Enough with the being dizzy!!

I won’t lie. The first five or so days on the cleanse weren’t the easiest. It really wasn’t because I’m not eating sugar, but more so because I wasn’t eating enough food in general – 100% unintentionally. (Or maybe it’s because I’m not enough as many carbs? Or maybe it’s a symptom of the cleanse? Still unsure …)  But, take away so many carb options and vegetables don’t really have a lot of calories! I ate meals as per usual and did not feel hungry, but wasn’t taking enough in. I pack as much good stuff (quality calories) into my smoothies in the morning and snacks during the day, but it just seems to be SO much fat! Not that I’m afraid of fat, but I think it’s good to have a balance between fats, carbs, and proteins. There are varying opinions about what percentage of each of those is ideal, but I’m pretty sure it varies from person to person.

In general, I don’t eat a lot of meat, but have added it into my diet now as I need more high quality calories. (Yes, all you vegans and vegetarians probably won’t agree with that, but I do buy high quality meats and this is the choice I’ve made for now).

I’ve decided to start tracking my food a bit better and seeing what I eat and how that makes me feel. Even today I experienced dizziness. No fun!

I’m thinking that this cleanse might be the beginning to a new way of eating. In general I eat fairly healthy, but I believe this month will teach me a bit about my body and how it reacts to certain food. I’m wondering if I maybe function better on a higher carb diet. Or maybe an increase in protein??

I’m approaching one of my busiest weeks this month (or even this summer!) which means a lot of food prep. This quote will be my motto for the week:



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